fifty ways to leave a shape


fifty ways to leave a shape is a personal solo that can be described as the internal processing of havingto say goodbye to a bodypart, a tribute to her worn out hips, and a welcoming of two brand newjoints. It is a reset in order to identify new opportunities. After more than thirty years as a dance artist,she has to teach herself to let go and not hold on. fifty ways to leave a shape is an exploration of therealisation that everything changes, and of the search for new physical meaning – a sensory journeythrough the transformation and confrontation involved in leaving something behind, and finding theway into something new. Through various expressions of song, film, text and dance, the audience canjoin this poetic and personal journey. The performance shows traces of what she has been throughand what is to come, and a deep love of movement.


I’m on tonight, and my hips don’t lie and I’m starting to feel alright

The attention, the direction, I can feel it in my body
– Shakira

“The communication with the audience is clear, warm and at the same time filled with emotionand nerve - as if something is at stake here and now. (…)

( ...)Nevertheless, it is the experience of necessity and vulnerability that remains in the days that follow the performance and which reminds me of the very own thing of witnessing genuinely and solidly,experiential dance art.

(…)Both the sound and the light emphasize and support Jøntvedt's moving changes. Likea dancer who has had to redefine and recreate the body - and identity -again.”

– Marte Reithaug Sterud/Norsk Shakespeartidsskrift, March 2023

“(...) This kind of experience Jøntvedt exhibits is something you rarely see on stage, and I welcome more bad hips, changing bodies, menopause and the like. Seen this way, Jøntvedt's performance is a welcome contribution in an otherwise rather empty room.”
– Runa Borch Skolseg/ , March 2023

Audience comments:
 “Congratulations on a wonderful solo, new hips, great stage presence.Thank you for daring to take your time and give us the opportunity to join the journey!”

 “Your obvious presence fills the big white room. Your voice goes straight from stem to eardrum (direction – perfection). Your gaze that sees and has seen. Forms that we find and leave. Keep on leaving! Thanks”

“Thank you very much for a wonderful show. Each individual part so distinctive and clear, it also felt so fresh, like a beginning. Congratulations, wonderful!”

Concept, choreography, text, performer: Siri Jøntvedt
Composer, sound designer: Gyrid Nordal Kaldestad
Light design: Evelina Dembacke
Dramaturg, filmmaker: Darko  Outer eye , voice (Run That Body Down): Øyvind B. Lyse
Assistant: Amy Pender
Photos: Tale Hendnes (Dansens Hus) and Darko Dragičević: other photos
Video, trailer: Vibeke Heide
Additional music: Run That Body Down (Paul Simon), Hips Don´t Lie (Shakira) and Pavane pour une infante défunte (Maurice Ravel) performed by Kari Jøntvedt.
Co-production: Dans i Trøndelag, Dansekunst i Grenland og DansiT.
Supported: by Arts Council Norway, Fond For Lyd og Bilde, Fond for utøvende kunstnere and Dansens Hus Oslo

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