Stå sitt kast/
Face the Music


What does it mean to open your workspace, to show your art? Reveal the flaws, blunders, mistakes, the unfinished, the undone. Whatever you do, you choose to show something and opt out of showing something else. Moving in space like a living sculpture, like a medium of non-moving things.

A performance by and with dance artist Siri Jøntvedt and visual artist Elinor Strøm.

The performance was shown in two versions
The first version was shown November 3rd, 2018, in Elinor Strøm´s atelier in Marieboesgate 11, Oslo.

The second version was shown May 15th, 2019 in Grønlandsleiret 47, Oslo as part of PlussPluss + + (Black Box Theater, curated by Ingeleiv Berstad)

Antique Drooling (2019)

My body – my future. My body – my furniture.
My body, my cupboard, my ashtray.
My case, my container. My body – my guitar case
A pile of crap. My crap, your crap. Antiques. Old junk, old stuff, used stuff. Better used.
In between. In the middle (of the road).
Growing white. Growing grey.
Going vintage, tune in with the old ones.
The young ones. The old ones.
Me and my patina. Us and our spots. Us and our favourite spots.
You and your wrinkles. Wrinkle about.


Affiliation among old furniture. Old stuff – old furniture – Home among old stuff.
Move things around, and yourself.
It’s a lot to keep track of.

It´s a bit too much now.

I move, I think. Move and think. Relate. Arrange arrangements. Be present with whatever.
Put together and take apart. Keep going. Body and Things in motion.
Art in motion.

(Text by Elinor Strøm)

CreditsSiri and Elinor have collaborated since 2006. Elinor made costumes, scenography, photography and poster design for most of Siri&Snelle’s works. In addition, she performs with the Swedish trio HuggerMugger.

Photos by Elinor Strøm, Snelle Hall, Hilde Rustad, Øyvind B Lyse