Siri Jøntvedt is an experienced and fearless dancer, with a distinctive style. Her dance is original, serious and humorous. Since 1990 she has been active in the Norwegian and international dance field operating between performing, choreographing, teaching, as well as supporting other artists in their work.

Siri’s artistic practice revolves around the experimental, the personal, the human and honest, as an approach to creating art, and to life itself.

She is greatly influenced by all the dancers, musicians, stage artists, students and creative people she has had the pleasure of working with – the dynamics between people is the source, the joy and the challenge that drives her continuous professional and personal progress.

Her body of work spans from personal to collaborative creative work, performing in works by others, as well as teaching and mentoring. Her curiosity and passion continuously bring her towards new collaborations with artists across genres.
Jøntvedt has performed in all sorts of venues from large stages to small clubs, working within a wide scope of formats, from happenings to full scale dance theatre productions.

Siri’s physical practices are based on a love for the art of improvisation, choreographic scores as well as working with voice and text. Exploration and listening are central methods, and through resonance and responding, her work connects with what goes on in society at large.

These practices support self-experience as a basis for developing material and creates a space where the intuitive and formal can meet and where seriousness and humour can merge.

For more than 25 years she has created performances together with Snelle Hall in their company Siri&Snelle, exploring their own lives and inadequacies, highlighting the intuitive, the emotional and the sensual, and insisting on “fluent non-conformity”.

Siri is a dedicated teacher of release technique, improvisation and composition, and gives classes and workshops frequently for professional dancers and dance students in Norway and abroad.

Siri Jøntvedt received her dance training at Oslo National Academy of the Arts (KHiO), the Ballet Academy in Gothenburg, the Norwegian National Ballet School, and Merce Cunningham Studio, and through extensive studies of improvisation and various release-based and somatic dance techniques in New York and Europe.

In 2018 she was employed in the Alliance for Actors and Dancers.

She received a five-year working grant from the Norwegian Art Council in 2015, and in 2019 she received the Rolf Gammleng Award in the Category of Dance.